"Tales of Egypt"


"Tales of Egypt" is a selection of ten photos with ten stories. It is part of a larger project, where my aim is to show something of Egypt that many people may be unfamiliar with. I would like to capture and sustain attention, using the emotion and curiosity hopefully generated by the photos. It is my hope that the viewer asks: What is the story behind? And, how many other stories are out there?


Art Cafè Maadi (Cairo) - 20 April / 3 May 2017


"Out of Time"


“Out of Time” pays tribute to the Old Islamic Cairo. It’s a view of the lights, colors and geometries of an ancient pomp, but also a plunge nowadays to see the humans behind the place. Out of Time is a personal look of the front beauty but also a story from the other side, to tell about the quiet loudness of the hidden people.


Falak - Garden City (Cairo) - 16 September / 05 October 2017